Natural Spin Turn Waltz

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The Natural Spin Turn waltz figure is done in two parts. It begins with first three steps of a natural turn and finishes with another three steps involving a spin.

Part One – facing diagonal to wall down the line of dance, the man moves his right foot forward, then left foot to the side across the line of dance, then close the right foot to the left foot so that the man is now backing the line of dance.

Part Two – Next, the man brings his left foot back down the line of dance and commences turning strongly to the right. His right foot then steps forward down the line of dance while still turning to the right. He then brings his left foot to the side to finish backing diagonal to centre, down the line of dance.

You should have now completed 7/8ths of a full rotation.

Enjoy this video, where both the man and lady’s steps for the natural spin turn waltz movement are demonstrated:

Natural Spin Turn Waltz

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