Great Dance Quotes and Sayings

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This page is the “hub” page of all the great dance quotes and sayings that I’ve come across. Many of them are motivational and express gratitude for the wonderful gift of dance. There are so many good things about learning to dance. It’s good for your health, it’s great for your social life and if you’re into good music and rhythm, it stirs your soul.

So please enjoy these great dance sayings and quotes. I help they help you to feel a sense of gratitude and passion about dancing the same way that I do.

Below, you’ll find a menu of inspiring dance quotes. Just click on any link and it will take you to the relevant page. Under each link, I’ve summarized the quote the best I can . . . but you may find that it may mean something different to you than it has to me.

Dance Quotes and Inspirational Sayings

  • The Gift of Dance
    This saying is all about the wonderful gift of dance and how it can help us face the struggles of life. When we dance, we can forget about all our daily troubles and lose ourselves ...