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Have you been searching for information about waltz dancing? Maybe you don’t know how to waltz and are curious about the basic steps to a waltz? Or perhaps you’re just a beginner who has been to a few local lessons and would like to consolidate your understanding of the steps to a sequence dance? Or you may be a more advanced dancer, looking for specific information about a particular waltz, or style of waltz?

Here at waltz-dance.com we hope to provide you with the answers.

Not only this, but with most of our dances, we include a video demonstration. Some people learn visually, i.e. by watching something, rather than from written descriptions, so if this is you, the videos will be of interest. All videos are to be found at the bottom of the relevant dance page.

Waltz-Dance.Com is packed with exceptional information and we are regularly adding new content to provide the most current dances and tips. We’ve worked hard in an effort to put together helpful content and any requests that you may have for additional dances are most welcome.

We are sure that the content will provide you with information that you probably will find useful, but of course, we are just stating our opinion.

Thanks so much for checking out our site.